A Northwest photographer and poet, I want my landscape images to evoke a world beyond the literal, to immerse viewers in the glimmer of dream, memory, and metaphor. I want to convey the beauty and fragility of the natural world, a reminder of the ephemerality of our existence, that what we think of as fixed is but fleeting.

My work is heavily influenced by my training in the Zen arts, its characteristic simplicity, naturalness, imperfection, and quietness; and its practice which calls on
receptivity rather than a conceptual approach. It also draws on early 20th-century pictorial photographers whose painterly and poetic images made use of subtle tonal and tactile aspects and soft focus to evoke a dream-like mood to stimulate the imagination to see beyond the literal.

To accomplish my intentions, I keep my equipment minimal. I use a simple, non-lens optical device that softens the image, creates a tinge of ambiguity, and infuses forms with a glow I think of as a glint of the numinous. I love the mystery and beauty these lensless images convey visually.

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