One of my favorite photographer-bloggers is David DuChemin. Just after I had read his recent blog post, “Image or Imagery?”, written (and tagged by him as a bit of a rant) in response to questions about his gear, beginning with What camera do you use?, I received a kind invitation to participate in an interview. Ironically, the first question was, What equipment do you use? What camera?

Don’t get me wrong, questions that get me thinking about making images interest me a lot. But equipment, gear, and gadgets? Not so much. They are mere tools that can help us convey our personal, distinct photographic vision. Vision is what I am passionate about.

What is photographic vision? It defines the work we do and why we do it the way we do. It determines the artistic choices we make. And I think that when we clarify our photographic vision we become better photographers.

I will have more to say about developing photographic vision in a follow-up post. Meanwhile, I want to let you in on the interview with Karla Locke. You can read my responses and see my work here in Anacortes Magazine or here on Blame It On the Light.

Thank you, Karla Locke.

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