Causland Park, Anacortes
Today I found myself thinking these negative thoughts because there is so much craziness happening in the world now! The danger, of course, is overlooking the positives—a concord of flowering trees, early daffodils, returning birds, the sun getting it right—just outside my window.

I’m glad to be brought back to the present moment.

And to a breath of silence.


Starlings and the Cormorant

Not yet dawn
I walk in a soft rain
for the cloudburst
of starlings
that drop
from powerlines and houses
by the thousands
into a spruce tree;
their song, twittery and bright,
is something miraculous—
Swelled from a few
once let loose
they sing with continual freedom,
no fear, no ambition,
running the gamut naturally
in trills and tremolos,
warbles in an unbroken litany.

And when I leave
the birdsong behind to return
to my quiet room, wondering
what to do with words,
I stand there in the darkness,
drenched, arms outstretched
like a cormorant drying her wings.
I try to hear, if there’s a voice,
what she would sing
but the silence is nearly perfect.

© Jane Alynn
from Necessity of Flight (Cherry Grove, 2011)

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  1. Dear Sweet Jane – thank you for defining Joy for me! Happy Hugs, Heather

    1. Thank you, Heather! Your feedback means a lot to me. If we can feel joy, even a moment of it, then hallelujah!

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