It’s hard to believe that three weeks have passed since we returned home from our Ecuador adventure. I had hoped to get some images posted sooner than this, but a long, particularly vicious bout of food poisoning (courtesy of the Mexico City airport) and a couple of upcoming exhibitions, which required my immediate attention, threw sand in the gears. Also, by choosing to travel without my computer, my normal process of downloading images everyday to manage my work flow was severely hobbled, and by the time I got home, with two full camera cards, I felt completely overwhelmed by the task of dealing with all those images.

Yet, I made a start.

Here are some of the colors of Ecuador and the beauty of the indigenous people that caught my eye on the streets of Cuenca, a beautiful colonial city in the Andean highlands; in the coastal town of Puerto Lopez; and at the archeological site of Ingapirca, ruins that were originally used by the Cañari people as an observatory.

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  1. Lovely work, Jane! This is the first I’ve seen of your blog and recent photos.
    Very nice.

    1. Thanks so much, Jack. I’m a little baffled; I discontinued my blog some time ago, and I’ve unlinked all those photos. But then this cyber world is unfathomable to me. Still, I’m working and in the process of upgrading everything. Come back to see my new portfolios next year. Thanks again.

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