Youth Among Elders
Youth Among Elders. Photograph © Jane Alynn.

Today is a special day. To celebrate I give myself (and you, dear readers) the gift of a poem by Ted Kooser, one of my favorite poets:

A Birthday Poem

Just past dawn, the sun stands
with its heavy red head
in a black stanchion of trees,
waiting for someone to come
with his bucket
for the foamy white light,
and then a long day in the pasture.
I too spend my days grazing,
feasting on every green moment
till darkness calls,
and with the others
I walk away into the night,
swinging the little tin bell
of my name.

It is special for another reason. With great pleasure I mention my friend and poet Lucia Galloway’s winning manuscript, The Garlic Peelers, recently published by Quills Edge Press. Of this chapbook Barbara Crooker writes, No good recipe is complete without garlic, and no poetry shelf is complete without this fine book.

The recipe she references is for aioli, which my husband made for Galloway one summer we visited. Galloway, being the creative poet she is, took it from the mortar and pestle and made it delicious on the page in “Aioli: Stealing the Genie’s Fire,” a poem from her new book.


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