I see beauty where some see only ugliness.

These places that offer little in terms of what we usually think of as beauty—industrial landscapes, junkyards, sites of detritus and decay—I find fascinating. Overtaken as they are by a certain messiness, I love their dense but disordered detail and chaos of form.

O, the wonder in the abundance of detail, texture, and light!

One of my favorite places to visit is the site of the old Northern State Hospital in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. It once was a sprawling and remarkably self-sufficient facility for the mentally ill with a number of production facilities, including a 700-acre farm. Many seasons have passed over this broken-down barn.

To capture this place of mystery and ghostly beauty is an aesthetic framing of time.

I hope it’s still there when I visit again.

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  1. Jane, I have also photographed the Northern State Hospital – many years ago the camera club had a photography outing there and we actually were able to go inside! Don’t think you can do that now. Your photos looks like it is the old barn which is also very interesting – love your comments – photographers do see beauty in everything!

    1. Leslie, somehow I missed your kind comment. I’m sorry. They have cleaned out much of the debris, so people can enter some of the buildings. They all provide a rich experience of seeing. You, of course, see beauty in everything. Thanks.

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