Patrick. Photo © Jane Alynn.

























It’s been quiet on this blog for awhile now. I admit it, I’m not one of those photographer-writers who posts while on the road. A big part of traveling, for me, is disconnection from the usual routines, the habits of daily life, the dullness of familiarity. I like being lost.

I like losing myself amid abandoned structures in the middle of nowhere, in the tangle of weeds in the forefront of an urban skyline, in the street life of any town or city. I’d just as soon lose myself in the changing clouds, in the ripples on Roosevelt Lake, or in the cacophony of color on Baker Street than to lose myself in my computer screen.

But in my recent travels I discovered a new way to lose myself.

Wherever we went it was the characters who fascinated me. Though I’ve been a people-watcher for a very long time, I haven’t been a people photographer. But why not? Portraits have an an important place in photographic history. And anything that fascinates is a good subject.

So now I’m thinking about a new project: a series of images of people that tell a story about who they were at that moment in their lives. Patrick is a good beginning.

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