Pinus Contorta
Pinus contorta. Photo © Jane Alynn

Black and white gelatin silver photographic prints—those timeless images developed and printed from film negatives in a darkroom by a master of the craft, using canisters and reels, enlargers with paper easels, chemicals and squeegees, tanks and timers—have always transported me. The process itself is magic. Then, to see on the wall these photographs imbued with immense depth of tones and stunning beauty, created in the old-school way, moves me into another dimension.

For me, it is an experience of wonder and love.

I remember how I felt, seeing the retrospective of Minor White at The Getty in 2014. Minor White inspired a profound and enduring influence on my thinking about photography. Walking through the exhibition, fully absorbed, I was awakened to the unique presence and powerful impact of each image, enhanced by his exquisite printing.

Though I am in no way comparing myself to this giant in photographic history, I realize that viewers can affect, even transform, the meaning of images. And that seeing images “in the flesh” deepens the experience.

This is what motivates me to see my own work on walls. Though I have been fortunate to show regularly in group and juried exhibitions, I have for some time wanted to fill a whole wall!

So, it is with great excitement and gratitude that I announce my upcoming exhibition of black and white gelatin silver photographic prints (created with the help of my husband’s wise eye and practiced hand that spares me exposure to chemicals) at A.C.M.E. Creative Space gallery in Anacortes.

The exhibition runs from February 5 to March 3, 2016. The opening reception is on first Friday in February, the fifth, starting at six o’clock.

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