News About My Upcoming Show

Jane Alynn, Bowed, 2012. Zone plate photograph, gelatin silver print, 17″ x 21″, framed
Excited? You bet!

Those of you who have been around me for any length of time know that I am always picking someone’s brain about how to get my artwork out of my studio and into the public’s eye. I have had many great opportunities (and a lot of luck) getting my work into juried exhibitions and group shows. For these I am grateful. And, of course, my work can be viewed here on my website. But I still have this crazy dream to see my photographs on the walls of a gallery, as a solo show.

Until then, there are alternative spaces.

(Did I say that?)

OK. I admit it. I have not been enthused about displaying my work in another coffee shop. But now I take it all back.

I read a little history on the precedent for exhibiting art in spaces outside of the typical commercial venues, and it got me thinking differently. Ian Wallace, in Artspace Magazine, wrote: “In the experimental atmosphere of the 1970s, an explosion of alternative galleries, art spaces, and collectives made up a pervasive and vibrant sector of the art world.” I love that!

Not long after, I heard from a friend that a delightful women’s boutique in historic downtown Mount Vernon, Washington, was looking for an artist to feature for the month of September. She admires my work, is a good curator, and thought my images would show well there. I jumped at the invitation.

So, look for my show at Embellish, 223 South 1st Street, Mt Vernon, Washington. I’ll be showing all black and white zone plate images. And by the way, these prints look so much better in person. I cannot wait to see them up!

If you come on First Thursday Art Walk, September 3rd, from 5 to 8 PM, downtown will be hopping. Hope you can stop by and say “hi.”

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