The opening reception on Saturday evening for Arts at the Port, the fine art exhibition of the Anacortes Arts Festival, was exceptional. I was so grateful for the opportunity to be part of this exhibit, for the friends who showed up, and for all the other artists whose work graced the walls.

Arts at the Port Exhibition
Jane and her work. Photo © Ron Chamberlain

There’s always a special electricity at these events. To be among the beautiful works of art, friends, and all that energy brings such pleasure to me.

I cannot help but think of this poem by Tom Pickard:

White Rose
By Tom Pickard

you gave me a white rose
put the lamp on the stove
it caught fire
the I Ching said
thunder above the lake
lightning in Baker Street

switched on the cooker
and blew a fuse
blue flash
you see
the whole experience
is electric

Tom Pickard, “White Rose” from Hole in the Wall: New and Selected Poems. Copyright © 2002 by Tom Pickard.

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