Yesterday I spent the greater part of the day in Seattle. This nearly two-hour traffic-jammed trip can be tense and tedious. Usually, I prefer to take the bus. But sometimes, like yesterday, I have to drive. And despite the possibility of a long, stop-and-go crawl, I was actually looking forward to it. I was delivering a framed photograph to the Artist Trust office for the 2016 Benefit Art Auction.

I am always excited and grateful when my work is accepted for the annual Artist Trust’s Benefit Auction. This year, especially: Artist Trust is celebrating thirty years of supporting artists.

I know, there is much controversy on the issue of donating art.

For me, I have donated a lot of art. I think it is good to support the institutions that really need help and that contribute to the art community in their support and active lobbying on behalf of us artists.

So, congratulations, Artist Trust! I look forward to the party.

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