Beginnings 2

Every moment is a new beginning. In this blog I open myself to the flow of passion.

Joyful for no reason,
I want to see beyond this existence.

~ Rumi

The Field’s Relief, zone plate photograph, gelatin silver print

Meditation on Rain

It’s easy to love the sun,
one early rose, all dazzle and splendor,
that climbs, flashes gold
with a come-hither finger of hustle,
a trick of intentional heat.
In ecstasy, we keep forgetting
its passage of swagger
conceals the dark,
the way it plays over the dust
and the crops drying up.

But rain sweetens the dark
with its skin-tingling kisses
that awaken every sense,
cleanses like the plum-fragrant spring,
amply, soaking deep to the roots
from clouds you can trust.

Poem © Jane Alynn

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