For most people, the beginning of a new year feels like the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. It is a dawn full of promise, inspiration, and renewed exuberance. Hope glows in each New Year’s resolution.

But I am not one of those people. New Year’s resolutions remind me too much of rules, those conventions that dominate rather than guide. Rigidly followed, like adhering to the rule of thirds in every image, too often results in failure. Ask anyone who has made New Year’s resolutions, and they will probably mutter something about only one small chocolate square or walking instead of running.

Writing down intentions, though, is a practice I can get behind. Framing your intentions, or goals, helps you to be crystal clear on what you want and then focuses your creative energy to achieve them. It may seem like magic, but in this very powerful act you are creating your own outcomes.

For me, making art does not require much motivation. It is a practice I love; I need no prod to get to the studio. So, I have no written intention to create. That would be like prompting me to breathe. But I do have areas in which I want to grow as an artist.

So, I thought that over the next week or so I would share what leaps I intend to make in my growth as an artist.

What leaps do you intend to make?

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