10 x 10 x 10 x TIETON — SAY THAT 10 TIMES!

I’ve been excited to share the images in this series, Waves of Steel, so when I got notice yesterday that two of my photographs from this series were chosen for the 2016 10 x 10 x 10 x Tieton Exhibition you could have heard my squee! all the way across the mountains.

Waves of Steel #1, Los Angeles
Waves of Steel #1, Los Angeles.
Waves of Steel #2, Los Angeles
Waves of Steel #2, Los Angeles

These images are more abstract than any I’ve made before. Captured in a single day at Frank Gerhy’s Disney Concert Hall, in Los Angeles, I was drawn to the contradictions between the billowing mass of steel and the lyrical flow of the space; its imposing presence and shimmering ethereality. The rest of the images in the series can be viewed here.

The other reason I’m excited is that, for me, Tieton, Washington, is a very special place. I love the community of artists who contribute to its creative élan. I love the landscape, the presence of Cleman Mountain. And I have deep childhood roots in this once thriving apple growing region. So, to show in Tieton gives me enormous pleasure.

More to come on the exhibition details. Stay tuned.

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